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Retail & Service Industry Training

As specialists in the training of hospitality professionals, we have drawn on this expertise to develop a unique approach to customer service and sales training for the retail and wider service industries.

Hospitality Inspired

Sales Training


Within the hospitality industry, sales through service is seen as a critical element of the guest experience. The philosophy is that if a hospitality professional focusses on the delivery of a great service experience, within which, skills such as suggestion, recommendation and up-selling are framed, sales will rise as a result of the trust and rapport that is built. This runs directly counter to the idea of selling for selling's sake, which tends to dissuade guests and undermine the service experience at the same time.

To this end, we have developed a sales training program specifically for retail and service industry businesses that draws on the approach and philosophies of hospitality sales.


By reframing mindsets, transforming behaviours and developing a broad range of connection, communication and influencing skills, our unique programs are delivering fabulous client results.



Case Study - Boost Your Hit Rate - BSkyB

We designed and delivered a national program for the BSkyB sales team titled Boost Your Hit Rate, with a focus on improving sales in the most challenging environment of all, namely 'pop-up' stands.


In this instance, the BSkyB model was to capture potential customers while they are going about their daily activities and moreover, when they were not specifically looking to purchase a TV subscription.

Accordingly, we developed a program that built on the teams rapport & connections skills within their 'cold' approach context. Thereafter, we looked at techniques for developing 'instant' trust whilst reframing the presentation of the product so that the customer experience felt less 'sell' and more 'service'.

The program was a significant success for the BSkyB sales teams with increases in close-rates ranging across the country from 12% up to a massive 47% in the Northern Ireland region.


Hospitality Inspired

Customer Service Training


The hospitality industry is rightly seen as holding the beacon for guest/customer service, primarily due to the fact the the service experience is the main 'product' for a hospitality business. 

Likewise, Mixxa has built its reputation on training and developing many of the world's most impressive hospitality teams for iconic brands that are synonymous with the delivery of spectacular service.

Accordingly, we have drawn on this same level of hospitality experience and expertise to create a dedicated customer service program that is tailored to the interactions and operational demands of retail and service industry businesses.

By exposing teams to alternative methods for engaging customers whilst developing a greater understanding of rapport, emotional connection and trust triggers, we have transformed customer ratings for our clients.



Case Study - Every Moment Matters - VWCV

In conjunction with WAA Chosen, we created and delivered a fully interactive customer engagement program titled Every Moment Matters for the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles group, that was delivered across the entire national network of dealerships.

The goal was to lift the brand's standing in the national league table for customer experience. They were sitting in 5th place prior to the commencement of this program.

Once again, drawing from our experiences of developing many of the top performing hospitality teams, we worked on repositioning their understanding of customer engagement and their individual roles within that framework.  Thereafter, we worked to develop their engagement & communication skills while building new attitudes to delivering top-end customer experiences.

As a result of this program, VWCV moved to 2nd in the aforementioned league table and the program was shortlisted for a national training award.

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