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How Much Training Is Enough?
It depends upon how good you want your team to become!


Our track record demonstrates that we can entirely transform the skill-levels and talent of your hospitality teams, resulting in a profound impact on your guest experience, business reputation, staff churn, team happiness and your bottom line.


The truth is?


It takes time!


Consider this:


On average;

It takes 43 one-hour lessons for someone to pass their driving test.

It takes 3-5 years of weekly tuition to learn to play the piano to a reasonable standard.

It takes 47 thirty-minute sessions for an adult to learn to swim


It takes 5 years of studying to become a qualified barrister

It's easy to accept that we wouldn’t expect anyone to be able to drive, swim, play the piano or practice law after a single day/session of tuition. We can therefore also understand why hospitality teams make very little progress after experiencing ad-hoc single-session training experiences.


As with any skilled profession, in order to deliver service experiences at a top-class level, it requires sustained programmes of development experienced over time?


"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs."

- Zig Ziglar

To create a genuinely talented team that have the ability and motivation to deliver industry leading service experiences that profoundly impact your businesses reputation and bottom line, there needs to be a committed ongoing approach to development built around a long-term programme that works to ingrain skills, attitudes, philosophies and confidence. Accordingly, over time, with the right approach, your team will grow in to some of the very best.

When working with our clients, we are keen not to offer a 'silver bullet' approach! 


Ultimately, change and performance evolution requires an ongoing cultural attitude to development where our programs become part of that ongoing process to a greater or lesser extent. 

Accordingly, to help our clients achieve their goals, our involvement may be brief or extensive, but always part of a bigger picture.

But don't Mixxa offer single day sessions?

Of course we do! Single day sessions can be very impactful, as long as the goals and expectations are realistic. Our single day sessions are designed as polish-up workshops, motivation experiences or single-skill masterclasses. Each with a very clear understanding in terms of what we achieve for our clients.


Alternatively, for genuinely profitable and transformative change, we work with our clients to create broad development programmes, where our programs are a key element of a long-term strategy & commitment, and where we can confidently predict and achieve a more ambitious and dynamic level of transformation.

Reach out and we'll tell you more about how this can work for you.


To find out how we can help you achieve genuine transformation, drop us a line.

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